Aline Silva, PhD

Researcher and Partner

for Knowledge Translation, Community and Patient Engagement


About me

Pharmacist by training, with professional experience and education in public health, I've always had an acute sense of justice and invested in good communication and collaboration styles. Patient engagement, evidence-based practices, knowledge translation and dissemination have been driving me forward.

I started working with Health Technology Assessment in 2009 and researching Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in health decision-making in 2011. Knowledge translation has been part of this journey since it is essential to support social participation and lead to actual policy transformations.

In 2013, just after finishing my master's degree, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and saw myself sitting on the "other side of the table." This intensely lived experience reinforced my enthusiasm and willingness to keep learning more about new concepts and methods that might improve community and patient engagement. 

That's why I decided to delve deeper into the matter with doctorate studies. In 2018, I moved to Canada to explore innovative participation strategies. Since then, I have never stopped collaborating with various initiatives to improve PPI in Brazil, Latin America, Canada and globally. 


My Skills

Empathy and Compassion

My journey as a cancer survivor who advocates for cancer prevention, patient empowerment and involvement brings a unique perspective to my work, aggregating immeasurable value to my career.

Knowledge Mobilization
and Cross-Cultural Communication

I value tailoring and disseminating knowledge. I've been presenting my work and research in different formats, at many national and international events, and to the most diverse audiences, such as patient groups, researchers, health professionals, and decision-makers.

Collaboration, Creativity, 
and Innovation

The opportunities to interact and exchange with multiple stakeholders across the globe keep me abreast of the most innovative research, tools, and methods for healthcare improvement.

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“There is no more or less important knowledge: there are different types of knowledge.”

Paulo Freire