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PLAMONDON K, BANNER D, CARY MA, FAULKNER M, GAINFORTH H, MED KG, HOENS A, HUISKEN A, KANDOLA DK, KHAN S, SILVA AS, OELKE N, RAI A, STRAIN K, SIBLEY KM, WICK U (2024). Relational practices for meaningful inclusion in health research: Results of a deliberative dialogue study. Health Expectations, 27(1).

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WANG E, OTAMENDI T, LI LC, HOENS AM, WILHELM L, BUBBER V, PAUSJENSSEN E, MCKINNON A, MCQUITTY S, ENGLISH K, SILVA AS, LEESE J, ZARIN W, TRICCO AC, HAMILTON CB (2023). Researcher-patient partnership generated actionable recommendations, using quantitative evaluation and deliberative dialogue, to improve meaningful engagement. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 159:49-57.

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MACEDO LSDN, SILVA AS, FRANÇA ACW, MAGLIANO CAS, MEIRELLES I, PADILLA MP, SANTOS MS (2022). Cost-Utility Of The CDK 4/6 Inhibitors For Postmenopausal Women With Luminal Advanced Breast Cancer In Brazil. Value In Health Regional Issues, 31:47–52.

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SILVA AS (2016). Understanding The Incorporation Of Health Technologies Into SUS: How To Get Involved (BOOK IN PORTUGUESE).

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Selected invited keynotes

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A Framework for Characterizing Impact of Patient Involvement in HTA

How Patient Involvement is Making a Difference in HTA Perspectives of Impact

Palestra 9 - Participação Social na ATS

A importância da consulta pública da ANS

Projeto "Com a palavra, o paciente" apresentado por Aline Silveira Silva - 09-04-2021


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